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What People are saying

Words of Wisdom - Our Staff

VARP- Recovering the world a little at a time.

- Polynesia Ruiz

I got into this line of work because my mom is in recovery and i have seen her transformation from using drugs, drug court, college, getting a job to now Program Coordinator and she is my Idol, i saw the struggles she went through and how she needed support so i feel grateful that i am able to work here and show the same compassion to all my patients. Unfortunately my father committed suicide in his addiction and that makes me work harder to reach out my patients in all aspects.

- Samantha Liebel

What do we do here? Change lives!

- James Dettman

I got into this line of work because over the years therapy has been deemed a "taboo" topic. I want to change that stigma and encourage those to advocate for themselves and their mental health.

- Jade Richards

I love working at VARP because they saved my life once again loved me up and gave me a Second chance at life I'm so grateful and blessed to be part of this company

- Yvette Pacheco

I got into this line of work because I had felt the positive impact that Staff had on me when I was a consumer here and I absolutely believe in the work we do. I fell in love with sobriety and recovery while I was a consumer at The Gibson House for Women. It is an honor and a passion in my life to be able to work with women like myself who are seeking a second chance at life. I get to pass on the message that we do recover and we can change despite the wreckage of our past.

- Jessica Aragon

Helping others with recovery is important to me because: Helping people overcome obstacles, helps me focus on my recovery and wellbeing.

- Kevin Collins

My favorite part of working here is watching our consumers grow in their recovery & become productive members of society"

- Isaac Caballero


I love working at VARP because I love the consumers that I get to work with and I like working for upstanding people like Sean and Shelly. I feel privileged to get to be part of this team.

- John Hynes

Helping people is what I am meant to do. If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the consumer first, success will be mine.

- Cynthia Lemelin

I love working at VARP because this is where it all started for me. I learned recovery, self love, and hope from my predecessors, and i am able to share it with others. By working here, I hope to not only be an example, but to help guide the women that come through this program to a better life, and remind them that they are not forgotten, and not discarded, but worth having the life of their dreams if they want it. My job is rewarding because I get to be of service and give back what was so freely given to me.

- Angela Quidor

Recovery is like Red Bull it gives me wings!

- Will Grimes

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