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Metcalf Recovery Ranch is a 20 bed residential treatment facility for adult men eighteen years or older. The Ranch provides a unique therapeutic backdrop for recovery, one that is calming and tranquil and promotes inward reflection. Located in the City of Blythe, at 9826 18th Avenue, Metcalf Recovery Ranch is situated in a primarily agricultural desert setting where the peaceful stillness of the desert lends itself to total immersion in the rehabilitative process. As with all of VARP, Inc. facilities, the experience at Metcalf Recovery Ranch is individualized and tailored to be supportive and non-judgmental. Length of stay can vary depending on our client’s needs and progress, but typically lasts a minimum of 30 days. Our staff works diligently to connect clients with county and community services that are supportive of our client’s recovery goals, including but not limited to the following:

  • Services for justice-involved clients

  • Behavioral and mental health services

  • Transitional and permanent housing

  • Vocational and job development services, and

  • Referrals to other programs and services including medical and dental 


Metcalf Recovery Ranch is often a first step on the continuum of care for those suffering from addiction in our community.

Phone: (760) 922-8625

Fax: (760) 922-6717

E-Mail Address:

Licensed and Certified by the State Department of Health Care Services

License: 330020AN Exp: 06/30/24

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