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Stephen P. Levine Center for Recovery (Outpatient)


Our outpatient program allows you to receive the care and support you need while still being able to maintain your daily responsibilities. We offer flexible scheduling options that work around your work or school commitments, so you can continue to live your life while receiving treatment. Outpatient Services are non-residential services provided by certified staff and guided by evidence-based practices. These services are intended to encourage participants to adopt a  pro-social, law-abiding lifestyle and help them obtain the skills necessary to function as productive members of society. Services focus on helping participants interpret social cues, identify and compensate for distortions and errors in thinking, generate alternative solutions, and make decisions about appropriate behavior. These services are provided in regularly scheduled sessions that include the following:


  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Interventions

  2. Employability and Job Development

  3. Education and Literacy

  4. Life Skills

  5. Individual Counseling


VARP, Inc.’s Outpatient facility is intended to provide treatment to participants who have been assessed to have a low to medium need for SUD treatment. 


Phone: (909) 571-6035, Fax: (909) 885-6852, E-Mail Address:

Licensed and Certified by the State Department of Health Care Services

License: 360004TN Exp:10/31/24

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