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Facilities Driver

JOB TITLE:                         Facilities Driver

FLSA STATUS:                  Non-Exempt

DEPARTMENT:                  Programs

DIRECT SUPERVISOR:      Program Coordinator


SALARY RANGE:               $16-21 per hour


Under the supervision of the Program Coordinator, the Facilities Driver will perform duties and responsibilities outlines below, as well as other duties as assigned.


NOTE: Performance reviews are conducted annually upon the anniversary of your hire date. Raises and promotions are based on merit, (job performance, work ethics, attendance, etc.) which will be at the discretion of the Executive and Program Directors. Raises are not guaranteed upon review.



  • Must keep up to date on all laws pertaining to driving a vehicle, and must obey all traffic laws at all times while driving a company vehicle or transporting clients to and from their destinations.

  • Developing and implementing a written schedule surrounding the destination, time and number of clients to be transported.

  • Coordination and transportation of VARP clients needing to fulfill outside responsibilities such as local court dates, food stamp/welfare issues and medical appointments.

  • Implementation and maintenance of up-dated lists of all authorized drivers needed.

  • Coordinating the transportation needs of staff and clients during the event of a major disaster or emergency, and will coordinate efforts with senior staff.

  • Transportation of inmates from the County or City jail to VARP Intake screening group.

  • Record keeping and usage of gasoline funds from all programs.

  • Must maintain vehicle trip slips for all programs.

  • Observe and maintain the condition of VARP’s vehicles and report any needed maintenance and repairs to senior staff.

  • In case of emergency, will be on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, unless other arrangements have been approved.



  • Must have a current valid California Driver’s License.

  • Must be cleared to drive by VARP’s auto insurance carrier, with no points against his/her driving record that would impede VARP’s liability.

  • Must have a clear understanding of, and be able to interpret as written, all vehicle code policies, rules, and regulations, and the laws governing them.

  • Must e able to communicate, work well with coworkers and clients, taking the time to help others achieve their goals and assignments, whenever possible.

  • Must be able to identify problems, gather data, develop and assess alternative courses of action.

  • Make timely decisions based on logical assumptions, using all information available.

  • Must be willing to modify plans and behaviors, when necessary to meet a goal.

  • Commands attention and respect. Shows an air of confidence and has leadership capability.

  • Must have an understanding of the nature of alcoholism and drug abuse and its respective treatment and recovery, and should have the ability to deal with stressful situations in a calm manner.

  • Recommended to have a minimum of two (2) years’ continuous sobriety if an alcoholic or an addict, and must be free of alcohol and/or drugs on a daily basis..


  • Recommended to have high school diploma or equivalent.


  • Must have reasonable mental and physical ability to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Must be able to perform physical activities that require considerable use of your arms, legs, and body, such as lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and the handling of materials. May be required to lift up to 75 pounds with the assistance of another person and/or equipment. The duties, responsibilities and qualifications listed above are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

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