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VARP, Inc. is the parent company of several addiction treatment facilities, including Gibson House for Men, and Gibson House for Women, both in San Bernardino, and Metcalf Recovery Ranch, in Blythe. VARP also operates the Stephen P. Levine Center for Recovery, for outpatient treatment, and numerous recovery homes. In total, VARP operates over 20 houses, with bed capacity for nearly 200 men and women. 

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VARP was founded in 1979 as a treatment center for alcoholic veterans. Since then, VARP has expanded to offer services to men and women of all backgrounds.


In 1979, a group of veterans enrolled in the alcoholic treatment unit at the Veterans Hospital decided that a dedicated residential treatment facility was needed. They established a nonprofit corporation, purchased a house, created a program, applied for licensing, and began accepting clients. In the beginning, there were 14 beds and 5 staff.


In 1986, VARP expanded its program to include veterans and non-veterans, and women as well as men. More property was purchased on San Bernardino and in Blythe.

Since then, VARP has continued to expand steadily, purchasing and opening additional facilities, and expanding program offerings to include outpatient and sober living. 

VARP currently provides services to consumers through funding from Medi-Cal, parole, AB109 probation, and private funding. 

  • Healthy and great tasting meals, prepared by our experienced cooking staff.

  • We welcome everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference.

  • The health and well-being of our community is our #1 priority. We have doctors, nurses, and medical personnel on staff. We diligently follow health and safety protocols, including Covid-19 protocols

Experienced and Professional

The capable and experience staff at VARP includes certified and registered alcohol and drug counselors, along with doctors, nurses, therapists, administrators, maintenance, cooks, landscapers, and support staff. 

  • Each participant has a personal Case Manager.

  • Certified or Registered Counselors meet with all participants and provide ongoing counseling to those who desire it.

  • Doctors and Nurses are on staff to provide health care and transportation to medical appointments.

  • Clean and comfortable Accommodations.


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